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Road Accident Quotes. 100+ Quotes about Road Accident
100+ Quotes About Road Accident Essay 

Road Accident Quotes

1 In life, more than in anything else, it isn’t easy to end up alive
2 Accidents happen. Our bones shatter, our skin splits, our hearts break. We burn, we drown, we stay alive
3 After being bombarded endlessly by road-safety propaganda it was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident
4 Accident is the name of greatest of all inventors
5 I don’t believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents
6             Misfortunes one can endure – they come from outside, they are accidents. But to suffer for one’s own faults – Ah! there is the sting of life
7             Accidents will occur in the best-regulated families; and in families not regulated by that pervading influence which sanctifies while it enhances… in short, by the influence of Woman, in the lofty character of Wife, they may be expected with confidence, and must be borne with philosophy
8 I swear, the best things come to me by accident! Or should I say, effortless destiny?
9 No, it wasn’t an accident, I didn’t say that. It was carefully planned, down to the tiniest mechanical and emotional detail. But it was a mistake
10             Accidents are not accidents but precise arrivals at the wrong right time.
11 By accident of fortune a man may rule the world for a time, but by virtue of love he may rule the world forever
12             Accidents will occur in the best-regulated families
13 Human life, its growth, its hopes, fears, loves, et cetera, are the result of accidents
14             And it is great to do that thing that ends all other deeds, Which shackles accidents, and bolts up change.
15             Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, But beautiful old people are works of art
16 On that walk around the building, two sets of cops coming out stopped to tell our guys to hustle us inside so they could head back out on the road. Accidents everywhere. A pileup on

each of two major roads. “Welcome to winter,” one said. “When fifty percent of drivers should have their licenses temporarily suspended.

17             Andy was receptive, like a deep vessel into which life was poured. If this terrible particular thing hadn’t been poured into her, she would have been happier–it goes without saying–but less of a person. She was filled out by her fate. I actually think that this is quite rare, the capacity to become the whole shape of the accidents that happen to you.
18             Literature, art, like civilization itself, are only accidents.
19 Get out, but don’t cause unneeded accidents.”
20 In so many ways, his family’s life feels like a string of accidents, unforeseen, unintended, one incident begetting another. It had started with his father’s train wreck, paralyzing him at first, later inspiring him to move as far as possible, to make a new life on the other side of the world. There was the disappearance of the name Gogol’s great-grandmother had chosen for him, lost in the mail somewhere between Calcutta and Cambridge. This had led, in turn, to the accident of his being named Gogol, defining and distressing him for so many years. He had tried to correct that randomness, that error. And yet it had not been possible to reinvent himself fully, to break from that mismatched name. His marriage had been something of a misstep as well. And the way his father had slipped away from them, that had been the worst accident of all, as if the preparatory work of death had been done long ago, the night he was nearly killed, and all that was left for him was one day, quietly, to go. And yet these events have formed Gogol, shaped him, determined who he is. They were things for which it was impossible to prepare but which one spent a lifetime looking back at, trying to accept, interpret, comprehend. Things that should never have happened, that seemed out of place and wrong, these were what prevailed, what endured, in the end.”
21 The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances
22 I’m hoping the backlash is over. We’ve been going through that for the past eight years
23 Ugly accidents happen . . . always have and always will. But the failures are swept back into the pile and forgotten. They don`t leave any lasting scar in the world, and they don`t affect the future. The things that last are the good things. The people who forge ahead and do something, they really count.
24 With the accidents that have been happening on Blue Diamond, we’ve been talking with NDOT (Nevada Department of Transportation) on things we can do
25             I think it’s going to increase the number of accidents. People are going to turn anyway without the benefit of the left turn signal, and we’ll see some lovely broadsides, probably some fatalities.
26 There were very few accidents of any significance
27             Being younger than someone has the tendency to leave you with the belief that you will outlive them.
28 Perhaps it was an accident, I told myself. Perhaps he didn’t mean to expose himself to me deliberately.

But then again, wasn’t he the very same person who told our class that there were no accidents or coincidences? That every action we make creates a ripple in the universe which meant that all actions are interconnected?

29 Sometimes, tragic accidents happen by design
30 There are more wrecks out of the ocean than in.
31             Accidents—you never have them till you’re having them.”


32 I don’t believe you should just be able to shoot; I think there would be too many accidents that should never have happened.
33 The State Highway Patrol has responded to more than 3,000 weather-related accidents since Wednesday, … We still urge people to take care on secondary roads and in rural areas. And especially at night in freezing temperatures it will be very dangerous on the highways of North Carolina tonight.
34 Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by the accidents of time, or place, or circumstances, are brought into closer connection with you
35 Be Alert, Accidents hurt.
36 Road sense is the offspring of courtesy and the parent of safety.
37 Accidents, and particularly street and highway accidents, do not happen they are caused.
38 Chance takers are accident makers.” “Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury.
39 The Mysterie and chief Matter of all the Covenants of Faith, whether Covenants of Promise or New Covenant, though for Accidents and Circumstances it be very variously represented, yet for essence and Substance it is only one and the same, viz. The Recovery of lapsed Sinners from Sin and Death, to Righteousness and life by JESUS CHRIST alone through Faith. The same CHRIST, the same Faith, The same Recovery of lapsed sinners by Christ through Faith is Revealed in all the Covenants of Faith, but in every of them diversly.
40             Destiny is surely propelled by desires. Desires push and pull you to make big moves and landslide changes, but they don’t propel you to the people who will help shape those desires. The street directions of our life’s path are difficult to read. They aren’t intuitive… they’re the product of the minutiae of our daily lives: accidental meetings and chances that happen while you’re getting fed or finding shelter. And on the road, that means the influence of complete strangers.
41 I have seen ideas that work on paper not work in the field. But I have never seen an idea that does not work on paper work in the field.
42 When things consistently go wrong you know you’re living in the real world.
43 When you gamble with safety, you bet your life.
44 Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent.
45 The steering wheel is turned by the driver, not the indicator, or the road sign.
46 Nothing is an accident,’ Pauline would say, again and again.
47             Sometimes those little accidents are done on purpose
48 We are accidental people occupying an accidental planet in an accidental universe.
49 Millions of deaths would not have happened if it weren’t for the consumption of alcohol. The same can be said about millions of births.
50 They’re funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.
51 Not everyone who has killed themselves because they were HIV positive would have been killed by AIDS.
52 Some people would not be dead if they have not gotten the things or people they had prayed for.
53 I think irradiating pilots with WiFi radio frequency (RF) radiation is really going to hit about five years from now as ‘Delayed Radiation Complications’ show up. I am expecting to see increased airplane accidents & crashes for various reasons starting in 2020 onward.
54 Enjoy without injury, live without loss.
55 Just because you’ve a best Insurance, doesn’t mean you’ve to collide intentionally.
56 Accidents are like death. Waiting for us everywhere. Inevitable. Unavoidable. Plan as we might, they defy our planning.
57 Comfort without action is only discomfort and dissatisfaction in latent action. It always seems we shall have a good tomorrow until a bad tomorrow comes
58 So easy to go sailing off this road. A wonder more folks didn’t. All that space, waiting.
59 Accidents and sicknesses are accepted as deserved retribution by the person who has feelings of guilt.
60 When the train stays on the tracks you don’t ask why.
61 We have to accept that there are certain things in our life that are inescapable. These are the things that come natural to us and are necessary to our existence.
62 There are no such things as accidents. Only fate redesigned.
63 Most people neglect their lives and allow all kinds of accidents, mishaps and misfortunes to happen to them.
64 Accidents happen. That’s what everyone says. But in a quantum universe there are no such things as accidents, only possibilities and probabilities folded into existence by perception.
65 The man of method may channel all his spiritual currents towards productive ends, be relentless in his suppression of predilection and propensity, but when accident upsets the flow of his life, he finds himself drowning in a sea of tedium, hatred, and rage.
66 You don’t know how shallow you are, or how narcissistic, until you acquire a facial scar. On the plus side, it’s so situated as to make me look tough and worldly. On the downside, I’m never kissing my dog again.
67 Faster is fatal, slower is safe.
68 How many deaths before the real one?
69 Great discoveries are made accidentally less often than the populace likes to think.
70 My life seemed to be a series of events and accidents. Yet when I look back, I see a pattern.
71 They’re funny things, Accidents. You never have them till you’re having them.
72 To see an almost certain horrible death–you know how crowds all sit at the edge of their seats, /praying/ subconsciously for a spectacular accident–and then to be whisked away from it so suddenly–brought to the edge of tragedy, and then to have their better natures win out, showing them how much nicer they always /knew/ they were–that was the supreme thrill.

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Road Accident Quotes. 100+ Quotes about Road Accident

Road Accident Quotes. 100+ Quotes about Road Accident

Road Accident Quotes. 100+ Quotes about Road Accident

Road Accident Quotes. 100+ Quotes about Road Accident


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