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Birds Names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Birds Names in Urdu and English with Pictures and Roman Urdu
Birds Names in Urdu and English with Pictures and Roman Urdu

In this blog, we talk about birds name in Urdu. Birds are a big part of nature and culture in Pakistan. Each bird’s name in Urdu tells something special about it. For example, ‘Baaz’ means falcon in Urdu. It shows how strong and fast this bird is. ‘Bulbul’ is the name for nightingale. It is known for its beautiful singing. The name ‘Mor’ in Urdu is for peacock. It shows how pretty this bird is with its colorful feathers. These birds name in Urdu are more than just names. They tell us about the birds and are important in Pakistani culture.

Birds Names in Urdu

Bird (English) Name in Roman Urdu Name in Urdu Script
Sparrow Chirya چڑیا
Crow Kauwa کوا
Peacock Mor مور
Parrot Tota طوطا
Eagle Uqab عقاب
Falcon Baaz باز
Owl Ullu الو
Pigeon Kabootar کبوتر
Dove Fakhta فاختہ
Nightingale Bulbul بلبل
Kingfisher Neelkanth نیلکنٹھ
Mynah Maina مینا
Woodpecker Kathphodwa کٹھ پھوڑوا
Swallow Ababeel ابابیل
Crane Saras سارس
Duck Batakh بطخ
Quail Bater بٹیر
Flamingo Rajhans راج ہنس
Heron Bagla بگلا
Hummingbird Humming Chirya ہمنگ چڑیا
Robin Robin رابن
Seagull Samundari Chirya سمندری چڑیا
Cuckoo Koyal کوئل
Magpie Neelkanth نیلکنٹھ
Vulture Gidh گدھ
Partridge Teetar تیتر
Ostrich Shutar Murgh شترمرغ
Turkey Turkey ٹرکی
Canary Kanaria کناریا
Lark Lark لارک
Pelican Pelican پیلیکن
Starling Ababil ابابیل
Pheasant Titar تیتر
Stork Saaras سارس
Finch Finch فنچ
Goose Hans ہنس
Skylark Asmani Chirya آسمانی چڑیا
Raven Kawa کوا
Blackbird Kali Chirya کالی چڑیا
Goldfinch Sunahri Chirya سنہری چڑیا
Warbler Warbler واربلر
Buzzard Baz باز
Hawk Baaz باز
Osprey Machhli Uqab مچھلی عقاب
Swift Taiz Parwaz Chirya تیز پرواز چڑیا
Birds Names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Birds Names in Urdu and English with Pictures

Birds Names List in English

Sparrow (Chirya)

Sparrows, or ‘Chirya’, are small, cute birds. They are common and like to live near people.

Crow (Kauwa)

Crows, called ‘Kauwa’, are smart and black. They can make different sounds and are seen a lot in cities.

Peacock (Mor)

Peacocks, or ‘Mor’, have colorful feathers. They are very pretty and dance in the rain.

Parrot (Tota)

Parrots, known as ‘Tota’, are green and can talk like humans. They are very clever and like to eat fruits.

Eagle (Uqab)

Eagles, or ‘Uqab’, are big and strong. They have sharp eyes and fly very high in the sky.

Falcon (Baaz)

Falcons, called ‘Baaz’, are fast and good hunters. They are used in bird sports.

Owl (Ullu)

Owls, or ‘Ullu’, come out at night. They have big eyes and turn their heads around.

Pigeon (Kabootar)

Pigeons, known as ‘Kabootar’, are peaceful birds. They are often seen in parks and have different colors.

Dove (Fakhta)

Doves, or ‘Fakhta’, are gentle and white or grey. They are symbols of peace and often seen in gardens.

Nightingale (Bulbul)

Nightingales, known as ‘Bulbul’, sing beautifully. They are small and brown and liked for their sweet voice.

Kingfisher (Neelkanth)

Kingfishers, or ‘Neelkanth’, have bright colors. They catch fish and are seen near water.

Mynah (Maina)

Mynahs, called ‘Maina’, are clever and can talk. They are brown with a yellow patch around their neck.

Woodpecker (Kathphodwa)

Woodpeckers, or ‘Kathphodwa’, make holes in trees. They have strong beaks and make tapping sounds.

Swallow (Ababeel)

Swallows, known as ‘Ababeel’, are fast flyers. They have long tails and catch insects while flying.

Crane (Saras)

Cranes, or ‘Saras’, are tall and elegant. They live in wetlands and have long legs.

Duck (Batakh)

Ducks, called ‘Batakh’, are water birds. They have webbed feet and make quacking sounds.


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