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Arabic to English Sentences for Daily Use – 100 Sentences

Arabic to English Sentences for daily use for beginners, travelers, Arabic speaking and English Speaking with PDF. These Sentences help you improve your Verbal Communication. The Sentences Also are rich with the daily used Vocabulary for both Arabic and English.

100 English to Arabic Sentences with PDF. English Sentences with Arabic.

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He was released on bail.

ھو تخلص بالضمانۃ

Chinese ballet is worth-seeing.

رقص اھل الصین معجب

The child ran out bare-footed.

ھرب الولدالی الخارج بدون الحذاء

No baron attended the party.

ماحضر احد السادۃ فی الحفلۃ

We went to the beach yesterday.

ذھبنا الی الشاطی بالامس

Milk is beneficial for us.

اللبن مفید لنا

I saw a bear in the zoo.

شاھدت فی حدیقۃ الحیوانات دبا

It is a barren land.

ھذہ ارض بوار

I cannot bear this insult.

لااستطیع ان اصبر علی ھذہ الذلۃ

Allah is beneficent to us.

اللہ رحیم علینا

What is your date of birth?

ما تاریخ ولادتک؟

She was born in Multan.

ھی ولدت فی ملتان

He bowed low to greet me.

خضع لی راسہ لتسلیم علی

The child broke the glass.

کسر الطفل کوبا

He was standing by the door.

کان قائما عند الباب

He held his breath.

قد اوقف نفسہ

Boughs were laden with flowers.

ان اغصان الشجرۃ مملؤۃ ن الزھار

Bridle your horse.

الجم حصانک

I bought a calendar.

اشتریت قائمۃ

I cannot canvass for you.

لا استطیع ان اطلب لک راکا فی الانتخاب

He cast the net into the river.

قذف الشبکۃ فی البحر۔

The cattle are grazing.

ترعی المواشی

We love our old customs.

نحب عادتنا القدیمۃ

Its good habit to speak the truth.

الصدق احسن الخصلۃ

Continuous rain destroyed the crops.

ان الامطار المتواصلات اھلکت المزروعات

He is a member of District Council.

ھو عضو فی مرکز بلدی

This pen costs ten rupees.

ثمن ھذالقلم عشر روبیات

A corpse was floating in the canal.

کانت الجثۃ تجری فی النھر

The kettle is in the kitchen.

ابریق الشای فی المطبخ

He belongs to the Medical corps of the Army.

ھو من کتیبۃ الجیش الطبی

I am confident of my success.

اعتمد علی نجاحی

Clock was hanging with the wall.

کانت الساعۃ عالقۃ بالجدا

Pay my compliments to your father.

سلم علی ابیک

He bought a piece of cloth.

اشتری قطعۃ ثوب

I bought a new diary.

اشتریت قناعۃ جدیدۃ

Life is dear to everyone.

یحب الحیاۃ کل احد

There was great dissent among the students.

کان الختلاف الشدید بین الطلبۃ

Internet is a useful device.

الانترنیت ربط مفید

Give everyone his due.

اعط کل احد حقہ

Naeem is decent boy.

نعیم ولد مثقف

Student was dozing in the class.

کانت الطالب ینعس فی الفصل

I drank a draught of water.

شربت جرعۃ من الماء

The people dispersed after the meeting.

انتشرالناس بعد الاجلاس

The baby was drowned in the canal.

غرق الطفل فی البحر

Our economic condition is improving.

تترقی معیشتنایوما بعد یوم

Ali is my elder brother.

علی اخی الاکبر

He is not eligible for this post.

ھو لیس بحقیق لھذاالعمل

Iqbal was an eminent poet.

اقبال شاعر شہیر

A storm enveloped us.

احاطنا الطوفان

Our examination is imminent.

اختبارنا قریب

This book is very expensive.

ھذا کتاب سمین

I shall fain accompany you.

اذھب معک بکل رحابۃ الصدر

Ahmad is a famous lawyer.

احمد محامی شہیر

This pen costs ten rupees.

ثمن ھذاالقلم عشرروبیات

His achievement is very notable.

تتلئلا بطولۃ ھذا الرجل

We went to the fair yesterday.

ذھبنا الی المعرض امس

Farm of this flower is charming.

صنع ھذہ الزھرۃ بھیج

She is feigning illness.

ھی تتمرض بالمرض

Infamous people are hated.

تنفر نفرۃ من الاذلاء

He works on his farms.

ھو یعمل فی حقولہ

No further struggle is needed now.

فلا حاجۃ الی الجھد المزید

He is suffering from a fatal disease.

انہ اصیب بمرض الذی لا علاج لہ

Every human has two feet.

لکل انسان رجلان

I like fictions.

احب القصص

The enemy fled from the battlefield.

لقد انصرف العدومن المحاربۃ

Wood floats on water.

یجری الخشب فی الماء

I cannot swim in the river.

لا استطیع ان اعبرالنھر

The gate was open.

کان رتاج مفتوحا

Kids were gamboling on grass.

یلعب الاطفال فی علاف

His gait is very graceful.

مشیہ یلتفت النظرالیہ

He was locked up in the gaol.

کان محبوسا فی السجن

He was sent to the jail.

ارسل الی السجن

He could not achieve his goal.

لم یبلغ غایۃ

He is a gentle man.

ھو رجل نبیل

Allah is gracious to His creatures.

اللہ یرحم علی مخلوقہ

His hair is white.

اشعارہ بیضاء

The former was hewing down a wood.

کان الفلاح یقطع خشبا

He saw a herd of sheep.

رای قطیع اغنام

He acted according to the cue.

عمل وفق ما اشیر الیہ

I hope to pass the examination.

رجوت ان افوزفی الاختبار

Ideal students work hard.

یجتھد الطلبۃ المثالیون

It snows in winter.

یتساقط الثلج فی الشتاء

He is an idle boy.

ھو ولد عدیم النفع

I shall make him elicit this secret.

ساظھر منہ ھذ السرۃ

The road is bumpy.

الشارع غیر ممھد

It is impossible to reach there.

لایمکن الوصول الی الھنا

His tale seems incredible.

قصتہ غیر عین الیقین

He is incredulous of everything.

ھو شاک فی کل شیء

Faisalabad is industrial city.

فیصل آباد بلد صناعی

The Pakistanis are very industrious.

اھل الباکستان مجتھد

He made a judicious decision.

حکم قضاء امستولیا علی عقلہ

He came later than I.

تاخر فی قدومہ بالنسبتہ لی

I wrote a letter to my father.

کتبت الرسالۃ الی ابی

Anees is a famous lawyer.

انیس وکیل شھیر

Liars are always hated.

ینفر من الکذاب ابدا

We lie in bed.

نحن مظطجعین علی الفراش

The baby will lose his toys.

الصبی یفقد الاعیب

I loathe flattery.

انا اکرہ التملق

We like your ingenious plan.

نحب رایک المتمھر

Gird up your loins for examination.

کسر جھودک للاختبار

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